Fieldmagic has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Product Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for Product Innovation [PIA] recognises products and services which improve business processes for new and existing market needs.

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Fieldmagic is a modern multi-tenant SAAS field service and asset management platform with CRM, quoting, scheduling, billing, reporting & offline mobile app for Android & iOS. Fieldmagic believe in designing intuitive, scalable and performant cloud software. That’s why Fieldmagic are continually innovating their products to provide customers with the necessary tools to deliver great customer experiences and manage their field-based operations with greater efficiency. Fieldmagic aims to streamline an organisation’s entire sales and service workflow by providing a simple-to-follow process from initial enquiry capture to providing sales estimates, scheduling in jobs for field technicians to carry out work, and billing for this work. The platform integrates out-of-the-box with a number of widely used accounting systems, including Xero, MYOB and QuickBooks, with an API to support other system integrations as well.

Fieldmagic was created by CRM Online Australia, a customer relationship management consultancy based in Australia. CRM Online has been implementing CRM since 2006 and over that time, has implemented hundreds of CRM, enterprise integration and marketing systems in regions including Australia, Europe, Asia and the USA. A CRM system is typically focused on sales, marketing and customer service, but doesn’t typically do Field Service Management as well as a tool designed for that purpose. In 2015, the original version of Fieldmagic was created. The goal was to create a complete Field Service Management platform built on a CRM platform at its core. The solution was built on the SugarCRM Enterprise, a popular and full-featured CRM platform at the time. This provided a strong advantage over many traditional products in the FSM space around the CRM capability – management of sales, flexible reporting, an entire ecosystem of integrations and add on products that could be used to tailor the product to each customer. Valuable knowledge gained with customers in the SugarCRM-based version of the product allowed provided a strong understanding of requirements. This has led to a completely re-architected Fieldmagic Cloud, now a multi-tenant CRM, Field Service and Asset Management platform with a strong focus on user experience, offering exceptional enterprise-grade features to customers at an accessible price point while being intuitive enough to support self implementation for smaller customers.

Over the last 3 years, Fieldmagic has been completely re-architected to now be cloud-native, multi-tenant and highly performant. Along with this, there has been a completely redesigned, simpler user experience. The new Fieldmagic platform is cloud-native and multi-tenant. For customers, this means their upgrades are constant and invisible and Fieldmagic constantly monitoring and performance tuning every part of the platform. There has been a strong focus on making Fieldmagic more intuitive while maintaining and enhancing the capability of the platform. From the single sign in with Google Apps and Office 365 to the design of every element within the user experience, all aspects have been refined. There is also new adjusted pricing, as well as new versions across the board, have been introduced to provide more options that are more accessible to small businesses. The system has been designed to be intuitive enough for customers to self-implement. Built-in step by step user guides and free support are available to make the system accessible to every business, big or small. There are many new features that have been introduced and there are many more coming. Every component in the new platform is constantly monitored for exceptions and performance. The end result is that Fieldmagic’s platform always performs exceptionally well.

Fieldmagic aims to streamline an organisation’s entire sales and service workflow by providing a simple-to-follow process from initial enquiry capture to providing sales estimates, scheduling in jobs for field technicians to carry out work, and billing for this work. By incorporating both the sales and service aspects under one solution, this often lowers IT costs for businesses running multiple apps and significantly improves efficiency by centralising workflows. One of the most common requirements and feedback is that the apps used need to be as easy to use as possible. For this reason, Fieldmagic are constantly focused on ensuring both the desktop and field apps their customers use are intuitive, fast, and require as few clicks as possible. The overall look and feel of Fieldmagic is clean, uncluttered, and purposeful.

Unlike traditional Field Service Software, they have combined a number of unique elements into the platform which provide additional value for customers, simplifying their ability to manage their sales process and communications more effectively. From the pre-populated quote, the office user is able to generate a nicely formatted quote to the client. If & when the client accepts the quote, the office user is able to convert the quote to a repair job with a single click. This workflow allows customers to remove a large amount of manual entry work from both their field technicians and office team. Ultimately, this means that a team can perform inspections, quotes and repair more efficiently, which means this reduces costs and ultimately helps customers grow their revenue, all while providing an exceptional user experience for their customers.

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