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CheckedIn Care – Care Cohort has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for Product Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2019. The Australian Business Award for Product Innovation [PIA] recognises products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

CheckedIn Care provides a suite of customer-centric apps developed specifically for Aged Care and Disability, focussed on delivering a better quality of life for the care recipients whilst helping care providers to optimise revenue and manage risk and compliance. The team at CheckedIn Care have been delivering client facing applications as well as IT services to Aged and Health Care organisations for over 20 years. CheckedIn Care was created in 2015 to take an existing hospital Point-of-Care system and redesign and improve the solution specifically for Aged Care. The system has developed into the award-winning Care Cohort™.

Care Cohort™ is a software system, developed for tablet and smart phone use, that brings together all the information, medical records, health alerts, entertainment and social connectivity needs in an easy-to-use and easy-to-access format for aged care clients, their families and the care provider staff. Care Cohort™ has a family of products that provide flexibility, support client customisation and deliver services and experiences that enhances the quality of life for aged care clients.

Care Cohort™ is a system created by CheckedIn Care for seniors, which has been customised and implemented by aged care provider Southern Cross Care WA Inc. (SCC) at their luxury residential care home Southern Plus East Fremantle – it is an innovative use of technology to improve the lives of their residents through enabling them to remain connected to family and staff following admission to residential aged care.

In 2018, the SCC Group launched their first next-generation residential aged care centre, Southern Plus East Fremantle (SPEF) site in East Fremantle, Western Australia. SPEF is the first of its kind in Western Australia, combining a premium residential aged care home with an onsite health and wellness centre for seniors. SCC went to market to find a technology solution to bring together the resident, family, staff, systems, content and service in a single, easy to use platform.

The requirement was to provide a simple interface to access for clients and their families to use multiple systems including entertainment, clinical, financial, access site information and access services. As the long-term plan is to implement the technology across the whole organisation, the solution needed to be applicable to all the SCC client cohorts – being Residential Aged Care (RAC), Independent Living Units (ILU), Home Care and Ageing in Place.

The SCC system is now customised for SCC and offered as a 24/7 Client Concierge. Since the initial solution was implemented, additional features have been planned and a unique Sales App is to be implemented in March 2019 (designed to provide prospective resident’s families with access to important SCC information and to experience the benefits of their 24/7 Client Concierge solution).

The solution has been piloted and accepted by clients and their families at the SPEF site and based on the success of the project, Care Cohort™ is to be implemented at 4 additional sites in 2019.

The core CheckedIn Care product is Care Cohort™. The product has been redeveloped and adapted over time from its original roots as a Hospital Point-of-Care system. The product development has been based on experience (the team has been working with Aged & Health Care providers since 1995), research and customer feedback. The product suite now includes Family, Staff and Sales app.

The CheckedIn Care software development team uses the Agile software development approach. This approach means that features can be developed, tested and implemented rapidly, allowing for constant product evolution.

Aged Care providers service a specific demographic with specific needs. As such, some industry-specific features have been developed such as meal ordering system allowing residents the ability to choose their own meals based on their individual needs and preferences. The SCC solution also has several feedback options for clients.

The Care Cohort™ solution compromises of a number of apps that run on different user devices as well as a web-based management portal. Care Cohort™ is flexible (configurable by providers) and allows for the easy ability to deliver user-specific special content such as health education, language specific content and special interests. This flexibility helps to embrace diversity, recognising the need to support residents from all backgrounds.

The platform can integrate with multiple software and hardware systems. The system connects to clinical and financial applications and to a range of cloud connected hardware monitoring systems such as Essence for monitoring resident activity and wellbeing and iHealth for monitoring of health metrics. The system brings together all relevant data, information and connectivity and presents it in an easy to view and manage interface for clients, family and staff.

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