The Recruitment Company – The Dashboard Suite

The Recruitment Company has been recognised as an ABA100® Winner for Product Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2017 for the research and development of The Dashboard Suite. The Australian Business Award for Product Innovation [PIA] recognises leading products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

The Recruitment Company’s Dashboard Suite comprises three distinct dashboards, The Candidate Dashboard, The Job Dashboard and The Talent Dashboard, provided to customers free of charge with the commitment of exclusive business for a particular opportunity for a set period of time.

The Candidate Dashboard combines the three critical factors critical: skill testing, video interviewing, and technical recruitment and the relationship between recruiter and client. The Candidate Dashboard changes the way to look at a shortlist of candidates and provides all the tools required to when viewing a candidate. A video of each candidate, skill assessment in graph form, notes from a specialist recruiter and all the recruitment information you need. All candidates can be displayed side by side for easy comparison.

The Job Dashboard is a platform for presenting a video of a job, with features such as the use of infographics, charts and fun and interesting statistics. The Job Dashboard is designed to present an organisation and the advertised role in the best possible light, through a presentation.  A video about it, key requirements and task mix in graph form, key recruitment information, a write up by a specialist recruiter and some fun facts.  It’s a product which gives organisations an edge over competition, will save time interviewing candidates who don’t gel with the culture and will build the client’s employment brand.

The Talent Dashboard is built to proactively market a single candidate. The Talent Dashboard is a variation on the Candidate Dashboard and will change the way candidates are viewed by prospective employers. A video of a candidate is presented on a dashboard with skill test results in graph form, reference checks pre-taken and a write up by a specialist recruiter.  It is then packaged in a beautiful dashboard format and sent to select organisations that have been agreed with the upon.

The Dashboard Suite combines three elements, video, skill assessment and specialist recruitment. The combination of the Dashboard suite’s key elements is simply not available elsewhere: the power of video for communicating culture and personality, the convenience of infographic presentation of complex data, and good old specialist recruitment.

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