Thirdi Group – ARTi

The Australian Business Award for Product Innovation recognises leading products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

Thirdi Group (pronounced ‘Third Eye’) is a property development and investment firm that is proud of their innovative approach to property development. Their new application, ARTi, is an augmented reality application that was built with the vision of allowing users to take an on-location augmented reality tour of property development sites. It then assists with all aspects of the development process, including sales and marketing, community and stakeholder engagement and town planning.

Potential buyers now have the ability to experience and explore the key features of a property that typically isn’t available to them until the project is completed, such as 1:1 scale model of the development within its existing environment. ARTi allows purchasers to interact with and envisage their new property, allows the sales team to demonstrate what is on offer and for the wider public to be able to visualise the changes to the landscape around them.

Under the existing application, ARTi allows people to turn up to a raw development site, then using strategic points they can focus their phone or tablet on the site and be able to look at a realistic impression of what will be built before them. Whilst onsite the user is able to take a tour of the proposed development and experience what it will be with a 360 view of the internal living spaces. They can also “stand on the balcony” to see the actual view from their apartment using photographs taken by a drone. In addition to this, the user can access individual floor plans for all units, along with a digital copy of the marketing booklet, providing access to key information such as pricing, unit sizing and availability.

The user is able to make a clear and informed decision of whether they would like to find out more information, and are able to submit their expression of interest all through the singular portal. Users are also able to benefit from the augmented and virtual reality elements by focusing their device on pieces of marketing material such as brochures, newspaper articles and online downloadable collateral. They can then have virtually the same experience as the individual that is able to travel to site.

Thirdi Group is being recognised for a Product Innovation Award for ARTi in the Australia Business Awards 2016.