Object Next Software: Easy Brochure Builder

The Australian Business Award for Product Innovation recognises leading products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

[testimonials design=”classic” backgroundcolor=”” textcolor=”” random=”” class=”” id=””][testimonial name=”Naresh Gulati, CEO” avatar=”none” image=”” image_border_radius=”” company=”Object Next Software” link=”” target=”_blank”]”The software industry is competitive, and to succeed you must embrace innovation. Our business strategy recognises the challenges our industry presents and aims to develop cutting edge solutions to help clients reduce costs and boost efficiency.”

“Winning the Product Innovation category at the 2016 Australian Business Awards is testament to our ability to consistently achieve our goals, and remain a prominent innovator in the software industry.”

“Gone are the days where you cram everything into a brochure and hope your customers find something they like. With our customised brochure builder technology, you’re able to target your information to individuals’ wants and needs.”

“We would like to acknowledge our clients’ ongoing support, and we look forward to further solidifying our position as a company committed to quality, customer service and innovation.” [/testimonial][/testimonials][separator style_type=”none” top_margin=”10″ bottom_margin=”10″ sep_color=”” border_size=”” icon=”” icon_circle=”” icon_circle_color=”” width=”” alignment=”center” class=”” id=””]

Easy Brochure Builder is a highly innovative software module, which sits within a larger software system called Ascent One, also developed by Object Next. It is designed to service the international education sector and in particular universities, TAFE’s and private providers engaged in recruiting international students.

Designed to be a versatile solution suitable for any business, Easy Brochure Builder is a hybrid product (digital and hard copy) that allows clients to self-select content from a customised portal that’s put onto a business’s website. Through the portal clients can select different products and additional information sections that they would like to receive. They then enter information about themselves, which is captured in a database. The system then generates a completed publication for them including only relevant information. Finally, the system will auto-send the publication by email, or alternatively, printed for mailing.

Easy Brochure Builder aims to provide complete customisation, automatic integration of digital and hardcopy platforms and database driven personalisation, all whilst maintaining a user-friendly experience that’s easy to learn. By providing brochures that are personalised to each recipient and contain only relevant information, a tailored approach can be taken by clients using the system.

For the development of Easy Brochure Builder, Ascent One has been recognised with a Product Innovation Award in the Australian Business Awards 2016.

The Australian Business Awards are the regional chapter of an integrated, hierarchical leadership program conducted on a national and international level. Eligible organisations from each region are invited to participate in the international chapter of the program at The World Business Awards. Conducted annually and currently in the second year of its international launch, The World Business Awards seeks to engage with the world’s business, innovation and technology leaders through a global recognition and knowledge building initiative that is underpinned by the program’s established framework. The program engages with organisations worldwide to benchmark the full spectrum of their products, services and initiatives and to review their business performance. The cycle culminates in the recognition and celebration of organisations that implement world-class business initiatives and industry leading products and services on a prominent and far-reaching scale. All entries must be entered in the regional chapter where the organisation is based.

Organisational participation includes private companies, publicly listed companies, multinational subsidiaries, not-for-profit organisations, non-government organisations, educational institutions, franchise systems, partnerships, government departments, government agencies, local government and statutory bodies operating in Australia.

Initiatives can include but are not limited to projects, programs, processes, systems, technologies, developments, ventures and undertakings.

Entries are assessed utilising a robust and dynamic framework to ensure that the assessment process is pertinent and objective. The World Business Awards Framework (WBA Framework) is utilised as a structured model of assessment that enables the participating organisations to be benchmarked against world class performance standards. The Framework consists of specialised assessment modules pertaining to the evaluation criteria for each of the award categories. The criteria and sub-criteria provide a robust set of requirements that are used as the methodology for benchmarking and learning among the participating organisations.

Organisations that participate are provided with the unique opportunity to benchmark themselves against the top performers globally. The recipients are acknowledged for their achievements and recognised as the elite of their industry earning a place amongst a distinguished group by having their products, projects, initiatives, contributions and achievements recognised on a prominent and far-reaching scale. The program provides the ultimate platform for building knowledge, increasing brand awareness, equity, loyalty and retention through increased exposure, recognition and prestige. This establishes a valuable resource that can be used extensively to create opportunities for publicity, positive organisational profiling and heightened brand awareness within the respective industries both nationally and internationally.