Chervon Australia – EGO Power Plus G2 Blower

The Australian Business Award for Product Innovation recognises leading products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

Chervon Trading Co was founded in 1993. It specialises in researching, developing, manufacturing, testing, sales and after‐sale services for cordless power tools, outdoor power equipment and related product categories.

Incorporating EGO’s proven Power Plus ARC lithium technology, EGO engineers set out to develop
the next evolution in EGO’s air moving outdoor power equipment offering, with the aim of creating a high performance blower suitable for both domestic and commercial use. The EGO Power Plus Generation 2 (G2) Blower, is the industry’s first cordless blower to offer 900m3/h of air volume capability. Powered by the industry’s most advanced 2.5Ah lithium‐ion battery, and incorporating the very latest in fan turbine engineering and performance characteristics, the new G2 Blower sets a new standard in cordless, rechargeable blower performance and design.

The EGO Power Plus G2 Blower also has many other appealing qualities. These include the battery being interchangeable within the EGO Power Plus System, the blower having variable air speed, an ergonomic d‐handle that ensures user comfort and easy operation, a multi‐directional air intake and a high efficiency brushless motor. The EGO Power Plus G2 blower is also available in a KIT and a SKIN. A KIT includes a battery and charger along with the EGO G2 Blower. The SKIN comes with the bare blower tool only, conveniently enabling users to use their existing EGO batteries and chargers from previous purchases, without having to pay more for another battery and charger. The blower does not use petrol, avoiding air pollution and toxic chemicals. The EGO Power Plus G2 Blower significantly benefits both direct user health and the environment, with virtually zero emissions and air pollution during operation.

In 2015 research conducted by IPSOS, a global independent market research company, concluded
that power and performance, run time and recharge time are the most important feature considerations for consumers when deciding whether or not to buy a blower. The EGO G2 Blower has been designed with a focus on maximised run time, fast recharge times and overall exceptional power and performance in order to meet these preferences.

The EGO G2 Blower will be launching in the Australian market in August 2016. Based on a close evaluation of the current cordless blower market in Australia, the product will be positioned as a medium price pointed product. Chervon Australia is being recognised for a Product Innovation award for this product in the Australian Business Awards 2016.