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InfoTrack – Securexchange has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for New Product Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2020. The Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation [NEW] recognises innovative products and services which have recently launched onto the market, that improve business processes for new and existing market needs.

InfoTrack is the leading innovator in legal technology. They’re an award-winning technology company that creates innovative solutions to support a range of businesses with gaining efficiencies in the digital age. InfoTrack’s solutions are built around an integrated platform enabling their clients to find, analyse, organise and communicate information more efficiently and effectively. InfoTrack’s clients believe that the InfoTrack solution suite is comprehensive, user-friendly and continues to revolutionise their workflow, improve productivity, increase profitability whilst stimulating growth. InfoTrack build smart technology that capitalises on new technological advancements, making their clients’ lives easier. Whether you’re looking for the title to a property, searching a company on ASIC, looking up a business’ credit history or conducting a police check, the information you need is available in just a few clicks on InfoTrack’s website. This allows their clients to use one system for all of their tasks instead of navigating between multiple websites to obtain their information. InfoTrack simplify workflows and save their clients time.

In the past few years InfoTrack has gone from a smaller start-up, to a successful leading player dominating the markets they serve. InfoTrack are growing at a rate of 115 clients per month as they continue to expand their offerings and break into new markets. In addition to the 4,500 searches, certificates, reports they offer, InfoTrack have begun to create truly revolutionary technology that is changing the way professionals work and supporting them into the adoption of their digital age. Their latest innovations from video verification of identity services to electronic signing are allowing clients to conduct business electronically and provide their services in a whole new way. InfoTrack’s software and services deliver significant efficiencies to practitioners across various industries, allowing for time and cost savings and increasing efficiency, profitability and growth.  They are continually enhancing their existing products and services to provide their clients with additional features and enhanced user experience. InfoTrack’s new products and enhancements are born out of suggestions from staff, industry research, and client feedback. They make sure they have a 360-degree view of the market and build products that will help their customers navigate changes in the industry and provide their clients with enhanced services.

The conception of Securexchange was built for clients in response to the growing numbers and statistics that proved there was a growing issue. Securexchange is a secure website that protects property transactions from hackers by allowing property buyers, sellers, real estate agents, and lawyers to communicate and confirm bank account details in a safe environment. Each property transaction has a unique transaction space, only accessible to verified parties who have their own login and must use multifactor authentication to access the site. It is free for InfoTrack’s clients to create a Securexchange account and when they do, they verify their trust account details before allowing them to create a transaction space and invite other parties. Securexchange is a secure environment built by InfoTrack that allows clients to share their trust account details and obtain their clients account details in a safe and secure method for the intention of property settlements. It also allows clients to share confidential documents with those intended parties, keeping sensitive documents away from prying eyes. By using Securexchange, a complimentary service, to facilitate the exchange or request of financial information, InfoTrack will provide a Guarantee on Funds for their client’s peace of mind.

Securexchange allows a law firm/ conveyancing firm to focus on what they do best, rather than worry about the concerns around IT security and cyber fraud. They reach out to quality providers like InfoTrack to support them with their tech challenged to provide a better experience for their clients. InfoTrack’s job is to build the solutions, whilst they focus on providing legal advice rather than spending hours focusing on whether staff are doing things right to combat cybercrime. It allows the firm to pass the liability onto InfoTrack around cybersecurity rather than taking it on themselves which minimises a lot of the anxiety from partners and directors (executives of a high level) who are going to be exposed and jeopardise their brand reputation. Based on their research and discussions with clients, InfoTrack realised that there was no safe alternative to email in the market when it came to sharing secure documents and account details. The industry needed a secure way to provide and confirm bank account details that could not be hacked by cybercriminals. As the leading tech provider to the legal industry, InfoTrack already had several highly secure websites catering to property transactions and felt a duty to develop a solution to protect their clients from deposit theft. Securexchange allows users to efficiently manage trust account sharing, sensitive client account detail sharing, follow up, and stay up to date on clients completing the payment. It’s ability to internally track the status of each stage and communication effort allows for a transparent, visible platform. This in turn supports each user in their collaboration with reaching the end goal.

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