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Itree – REACH has been selected as an ABA100® Winner for New Product Innovation in The Australian Business Awards 2019. The Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation [NEW] recognises innovative products and services recently launched to market offering a point of difference from their competitors.

Itree develops intelligent software for government agencies and regulators in Australia and New Zealand. Itree’s solutions save lives and environments by improving safety, productivity and efficiency in the areas of regulation, compliance and enforcement. Itree is a regional technology company with their development centre and technology hub headquarters located at Wollongong Innovation Campus.

Itree is proud to be a creator of things that make environments and communities safer places for all people. Whether it is intelligent transport safety, graffiti incident management, seafarer vessel inspection or gambling investigation and case management, Itree solutions are at the heart of making our world a safer place.

Itree takes pride in its track record, having retained 100% of their customers over the last 23 years and delivering on its commitments by completing every customer project through to production. This includes complex, high volume, real-time transactional systems that their clients rely upon to fulfil their regulatory duties.

In 2018 Itree won a grant from AusIndustry’s Business Research and Innovation Initiative and began work on an inter-jurisdictional data sharing platform called “REACH” to tackle that challenge of “sharing information nationally to ensure child safety”.

Itree’s REACH Child Protection Intelligence System is a secure, robust integrated solution enabling State and Territory child protection agencies to “reach out” and share vital information about children-at-risk and adults-of-interest. REACH caters for variable data quality by providing intelligent features such as name permutations, relationship pattern matching and partial matching using a configurable match confidence score.

REACH has been designed to be embedded within child safety business processes, allowing agency workers to have the right information at the right time; resulting in more searches for relevant information and less time wasted on no-match interstate requests.

REACH Child Protection Intelligence System is an innovative software solution, which offers integrated search and alarm features to authenticated users. It enables State and Territory child protection agencies to share vital information about children-at-risk and adults-of-interest, indicating where cross jurisdictional records may exist.

Using industry leading and open source technologies (e.g. ElasticSearch) makes the solution more interoperable and secure. REACH will improve outcomes for the most vulnerable in the community; helping provide safer communities and protecting citizens.

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