Stabilcorp – The ShoulderMaster

The Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation recognises new products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

Stabilcorp specialises in Stabilising and Heavy Patching and contracts to Local Government, Road and Maritime Services (RMS), Tier One Contractors and select Civil Construction companies within the private sector.

The ShoulderMaster is Australia’s first universal skid steer paver attachment designed specifically for the purposes of rehabilitating and widening the shoulders of roads. The ShoulderMaster applications also include shoulder paving, heavy patching and verge placement using both asphalt and gravel material for local government and private road contractors.

The ShoulderMaster has a universal quick hitch connection which is compatible with a wide range of skid steers, meaning the attachment will compliment almost any fleet. The attachment is fitted with a remote operational control unit which allows the operator to remain out of the danger zones while still controlling all functions of the ShoulderMaster. All essential operational components are protected by lockable covers and are accessible to the operator using a specialised turnkey.

The time and cost associated with traditional methods of shoulder repair results in a reduced number of dangerous roads being serviced due to financial constraints. However, the ShoulderMaster attachment is capable of rehabilitating road shoulders in a third of the time, for a third of the cost using a third of the fuel. The ShoulderMaster method uses a profiler to excavate and widen the area, so it is less likely to be contaminated and can be reused as a recycled gravel product unlike in traditional methods. The reduced carbon footprint left by the ShoulderMaster method drastically increases the energy efficiency of the shoulder maintenance process. This provides a financially viable and environmentally responsible solution to road shoulder repair due to the reduced use of fossil fuel and reduction of carbon emissions.

Through the use of this innovative new technology, Australian councils and contractors can safeguard the future of our infrastructure by reducing the cost of road rehabilitation works, reducing the negative impact road maintenance has on road users and drastically reducing the number of run off road crashes by providing safer, wider roads. Stabilcorp is being recognised for a New Product Innovation Award in the Australian Business Awards 2016.