Morlife – Cacao Bliss

The Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation recognises new products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

Morlife is a Gold Coast functional food company who manufactures high density, nutrient formulated foods which vastly enhance consumer’s nutritional intake. Morlife developed the product ‘Cacao Bliss’ to include nutrients which would act to uplift consumers and relieve stress.

Cacao Bliss has a unique base of cacao powder and coconut milk powder. Cocoa was not used as it is a processed form of cacao which loses the existing vitamins and nutrients in the heat treatment process. Cacao is a natural superfood rich in minerals, vitamins and also has a rich chocolate taste. Cacao contains active compounds that work to stimulate the nervous system and release pleasurable endorphins, such as dopamine. Many pick-me-up drinks are packed with sugar and caffeine that leave consumers feeling flat and fatigued later on. However, Cacao Bliss addresses fatigue and stress by containing ingredients and herbs that support the body naturally. They help the body cope with stress by balancing energy and assisting the immune system.

Cacao Bliss contains ingredients which create an even higher mood enhancing effect and promotes relaxation, such as glutamine which has been known to ‘fuel the brain’. Cacao Bliss also contains naturally occurring antioxidants which protect the cells from damaging unstable molecules. Morlife has heightened the functionality of Cacao Bliss by adding inulin, magnesium and Himalayan salt, which also have many benefits. Cacao Bliss can also be enjoyed either hot or cold in consumer’s choice of milk, is naturally sweetened and is free from dairy, gluten, fillers and artificial colours flavours and preservatives.

Many trials took place to enhance the natural chocolate flavour of the drink without adding an extreme amount of chocolate flavour powder. Morlife sends the products off for lab tests externally to ensure there is no bias. The research and quality team ensure a copy of all physical tests, moisture analysis and microbial results to track all steps of the entire product development and manufacturing processes. Samples of Cacao Bliss along with surveys regarding taste, texture and smell were also sent out to consumers prior to releasing the product. This was done in order to receive constructive feedback to ensure quality in every aspect of Cacao Bliss.

Morlife is being recognised for a New Product Innovation award in the Australian Business Awards 2016 for this product.