Larktale chit chat™ stroller

The Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation recognises new products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

“Winning awards for both Product Excellence and New Product Innovation is a truly fabulous recognition of a brand and product that has taken nearly four years to create, develop and eventually take to market. When we took on the stroller category, we were driven by a self-belief that we could create a product that is both better and different – a product that redefines the category. The Australian Business Awards are highly prestigious and winning not one, but two awards, for our chit chat stroller is both an honour and recognition of what we have achieved.”

Simon Whiston, Managing Director, Larktale
Larktale is a group of passionate experts, entrepreneurs, industrial designers, product developers, marketers and visionaries in Sydney who were committed to create a better stroller. Larktale spoke to Aussie parents who then convinced them that they could create a stroller that is different and better, which resulted in the creation of the chit chat™ stroller. Whilst product specification and function is important, the defining insight and inspiration for Larktale is the positive impact it has on people. The emotional benefits of fun and relative liberation, encouraged by the great Aussie lifestyle, are the key drivers for the birth of the Larktale product.

Larktale’s chit chat™ stroller is the first to incorporate the revolutionary SpaceFrame™ technology. The technology uses sustainable, recyclable, fibre-infused, nylon compounds that had been perfected for the automotive industry. The SpaceFrame™ technology ensures maximum strength, but provides the flexibility to be manufactured in six stylish colours.

Larktale rigorously tested its products at certified testing facilities to ensure standards were achieved in Australia and also against global safety standards. The chit chat™ stroller is compact, light (only 6.6kg) and highly manoeuvrable. It folds down in seconds with the quick-trigger release and small for easy storage. The multi-position UPF50+ sun safe canopy ensures maximum sun protection. The seatbelt is dual-action with automatic strap release for maximum safety and the thoughtful ‘shoe saver’ brake pedal is great for open-toed shoes.

Rigorous testing occurred on the stroller, including a minimum of 64 continuous hours on the rolling road test machines. Stability tests, incline tests, locking devices, static durability, edges and points and safety harness testing also occurred to ensure durability and suitability.

Larktale hit the market on 2nd March, with a full marketing plan for both Australia and across the world. Larktale is now being recognised for a New Product Innovation award in the Australian Business Awards 2016.