GEOHEX – A+ Plastics & Tooling

The Australian Business Award for New Product Innovation recognises new products and services that provide innovative solutions for new and existing market needs.

The GEOHEX Erosion Control System is an Australian-made plastic grid turf and substrate stabiliser developed by A+ Plastics. The System focuses on being a cheaper and more environmentally friendly substitute to concrete and bitumen-type products.

Developed as a cost-effective surface stabilisation and erosion solution for soil stability problems, GEOHEX can prevent soil erosion, stabilise infill material and control shearing in a wide range of soil and substrate types. It works by utilizing a hexagonal plastic grid-like structure to keep gravel in place without causing rutting or spreading and, because of its lightweight design, GEOHEX is easy to install in a variety of locations. The product is an alternative to conventional concrete and asphalt soil erosion solutions and is made from 100% recycled materials.

As the result of three years of research, independent testing has shown that GEOHEX can withstand 1200 static tonnes of pressure per square meter when filled with aggregate. In addition, a non-porous surface allows rainwater to slowly run off into soil, helping to prevent soil erosion and promote stability. These features make GEOHEX suitable for a wide variety of applications, from mining to bike tracks.

A+ Plastics have been recognised with a New Product Innovation Award in the Australian Business Awards 2016 for the development of the GEOHEX Erosion Control System.